Talisker provides some opt-in support for flask apps. This does a few main things currently.

  1. enable sentry flask support for your app. This means you will get more information in your sentry errors, as well as being able to configure sentry via your app config as normal.

  2. disable flask default app logger configuration, and just use talisker’s configuration. This avoids double-logged exception messages.

  3. Add X-View-Name header to each response, which helps give extra logging and metric info.

To enable, you can either use a special Talisker flask app:

app = talisker.flask.TaliskerApp(__name__)

or register your app with Talisker afterwards:


Sentry Details

Talisker integrates the flask support in raven.contrib.flask. See the raven flask documentation for more details.

The sentry flask extension is configured to work with talisker.

  • logging=False as Talisker has already set this up. This means the other possible logging config is ignored.

  • wrap_wsgi=False as Talisker has already set this up

  • register_signal=True, which is the default

If for some reason you wish to configure the flask sentry extension yourself:

talisker.flask.sentry(app, **config)

This has the same api as the default raven.contrib.flask.Sentry object, but with the above configuration.