Talisker provides optional prometheus_client integration and configuration.


The package supports extras args to install prometheus_client:

$ pip install talisker[prometheus]


prometheus_client integration has extensive support for multiprocessing with gunicorn.

If you are only using one worker process, then regular single process mode is used.

However, if you have multiple workers, then the prometheus_multiproc_dir envvar is set to a tmpdir, as per the prometheus_client multiprocessing docs. This allows any worker being scraped to report metrics for all workers.

However, by default it leaks mmaped files when workers are killed, wasting disk space and slowing down metric collection. Talisker provides a non-trivial workaround for this, by having the gunicorn master merge left over metrics into a single file.

Note that in multiprocss mode, due to prometheus_client’s design, all registered metrics are exposed, regardless of registry.

The metrics are exposed at /_status/metrics